About Me

I believe in living a life of purpose. For me, finding out my true purpose in life was a huge mission in itself. Having got a better clarity on my life, I am now a better and happier human being.
Today my life is not in line with the conventionally accepted pattern of living. But I am happy the way it is shaping up. I am also open for newer avenues opening along the current path.
I started the company VackerGlobal in 2012 and its organic growth has also helped me to evolve into a better human being.

I define my life until now into two phases; the purposeful present life and the obscure/blurred earlier life.

My First Life – Dileep 1.0

My previous life lasted from my date of birth until the age of 36-38. I had an extremely difficult childhood and immediate focus was always on survival and sustenance. Life was filled with fear and horror. Just to give a glimpse of my life, I was one of the only 3 out of 300 students to pass out from a high school located deep in a village in India. That gives you an idea on the social and economic conditions. Passing high school was never a priority for the way of life over there. Going through unimaginable struggles, I finally became an Electrical Engineer.

Life was by no means easy at any stage during this version of my life. It was always below average with lots of hardships throughout childhood and adulthood. I’ve had days without a single meal many times across those years.

I was living in a mindset of negativity, which seemed the normal way as conditioned by the circumstances around me.
I started realizing that the negative attitude was the main reason for the slow progress in my life. Somehow, the struggles also made me realize the resilience that I had. My career with multinational companies gave me good career growth, but not growth in life.

My Second Life – Dileep 2.0

It is not a reincarnation that I am talking about here. I was going through a process of self-discovery. This version of my life started with a decision to leave my comfort zone. I realized that the way I lived my life is not the way I wanted to live my life. I realized that I deserve a better and more successful life. This initiated a transformation into a positive human being.

I took a jump out of my comfort zone of a well paying corporate job. I pursued my passion for engineering by becoming an entrepreneur.
It was a leap of faith into business because nobody from my family ever had even an experience of running a grocery store. I failed repeatedly but learnt critical lessons on the way. Lost all my life savings and more, but gained all the experience in return. At the age of 40, I was mentally clear for starting a Global company. I started VackerGlobal alone against the resistance of everyone around me.

I’m enjoying the process of developing the company into many segments in many countries. I am extremely happy and grateful for this stage of my life. I am enjoying all the challenges of building a global business. I am also learning a lot of new subjects for growing my companies, by attending classes in universities across the world.

Life’s struggles cease when we align ourselves to our core purpose. Serving others and being of value makes it easier to find your purpose.

Life is not meant to be a struggle. Be valuable and serve others.


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