My company was delivering quality, then quantity, now back to quality

I started VackerGlobal in 2013. During theĀ  Initial years, I was focusing on quality and delivering great engineering solutions to challenging problems. I enjoyed each project. By 2015-16, we started generating a lot of enquiries and I felt the ‘necessity’ to grow the business to big scales. The focus shifted to more customers, more countries, more products etc. I started looking at various ways to generate more orders, use technology to scale up etc.
The results were not encouraging, causing a lot of frustrations for me in the last couple of years.

Corona made me rethink my values.

We have our value in the quality of our products, the quality of our technical knowledge in designing and executing the right solutions. In the initial years, the customer valued this. They recognized our value and the customers paid us a premium for this value. When we started focusing on scaling up, they didn’t recognize our value. We were not projecting our value anyway. They wouldn’t pay us a premium too.
Initially, I was writing blogs on the company page enthusiastically. I was writing for the love the subject, for the love of the technical solution I developed, for the love of answering a question sought by the customer etc. I was in fact writing the blogs to deliver knowledge if someone searches. Slowly the reason for writing the blogs became SEO, generating enquiries etc. Gradually it became a boring, then a frustrating process. I started disliking digital marketing because it was a chore.
During the initial years, digital marketing gave us all the growth. But the primary purpose of digital marketing was not to generate enquiries. Instead, the purpose was to give knowledge to the customer.

Now back to quality

In the initial years, we developed some quality, then tried to deliver the quality to masses. We were not a great success. But I am happy that I learned a lot of things in the process. I learnt about Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation etc during my frustrating attempts to increase the quantity. Also, we developed various tools such as our own CRM. We started our own Software Division Vacker360 too in this process.

Now I am back to quality with additional knowledge and tools. Now I will focus on quality and increase quantity slowly. We want to serve more customers. But we want to serve more of those customers who recognize our knowledge, quality and professionalism.

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