Entrepreneurs should focus on the Multiplier Effect

Technology helps you to make an impact hundreds of times more than those compared to a decade ago through conventional means.

Look at ways how you can use multiplier effect to server more people, to improve lives of more people through your businesses.

Adding another Million Dollar on your top line is definitely important. But keep USD 50,000.00 aside to help a deserving entrepreneur. He can probably give employment to hundred people. His product or service can improve lives of a thousand people. So indirectly you achieved a multiplier effect. You supported one person. He in turn made an impact on thousands of people.

This is what I mean by multiplier effect. Serving directly through your business is definitely important. Supporting an entrepreneur is only one example. There are multiple ways of achieving multiplier effect based on your business segment.

The main focus of entrepreneurs should be to make an impact on people through their businesses.

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