I am an Engineering artist, creating a joyful, Global business

Engineering is an art and Art is engineering too. Traditionally left brained people are considered to be artists and right brained people are considered to be logical thinkers which include Engineers. But I am a left brained Engineer doing a great job of creative approach in engineering solutions. We can’t differentiate between the two.

By qualification, I am an Electrical Engineer. However, up to around age 15, I was very involved in different forms of art such as painting, poem writing etc. However, life sent me to Engineering college and circumstances buried my artistic skills for a few decades.
By constant efforts and through experience I became good at many disciplines of engineering and am presently involved Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc. I have hands on experience in Electrical, Mechanical and Electronic engineering.
But I have been always interested in art and creativity. I used to be good at conventional art forms like painting, poetry etc. during my school days. During my career, I have been using my creativity in finding out different engineering solutions, combining different engineering ideas to solve problems. When I was working with corporates, they were not interested in such abnormal activities. So I finally quit my corporate job after 16 years of ‘highly successful career growth’.
I started my own company VackerGlobal in 2013 to use creativity and engineering. We constantly experiment with new ideas and have developed some world-class unique products.
Now we are building a Global company using different art forms of engineering like electrical engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc.

Recently I took up art once again. I went for a workshop for spray painting. I enjoyed it very much. I made a painting after many decades.

Engineers are known to be very left brained kind of people with not much interest in creativity and arts. That is not true. With the help of brain mapping, I recently found out that I am dominantly left brained. However I’ve been great at my engineering skills too. And I really enjoy when I use creativity in solving engineering problems.

Are you an Engineer and an Artist? Then you are an Engineering Artist. All of us have an artist inside us, but we kill it as we become adults. If you a practising engineer seriously involved in any art form, please get in touch. I am creating a global platform for engineering artists. Combining our engineering skills, logical thinking combined with our artistic skills, we can create a better world. All engineering artists, I invite you to build a better world.

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