Our life goal – Improve lives of others; We are the only species capable to do so

The universe is an ecosystem consisting of numerous living species. Comparing to all others, a human being can plan and improve the lives of our fellow beings. We can use our creativity and all other capabilities and improve the lives of the tribe. No other species is capable of doing so. Be it birds, trees, animals etc., they can live comfortably with the available resources provided by the universe. But they cannot use their creativity to develop resources to improve their lives.

So each of us has a responsibility to improve the lives of our fellow beings. All of us got those capabilities. Many of the learned humans keep on increasing their capabilities. But the goal they have in front of them are different. Most of the goals are materialistic. Goals like higher salary, higher wealth, higher designation etc. are not bad in itself. But when these goals become the only priority, we are not improving the life of others. A higher designation should be seen as an opportunity to improve the life of our colleagues and teammates. The project that you do as a team leader is a means to improve the life of a certain segment of society.

As an entrepreneur, I recognise that I am able to improve the lives of many segments of society.

I realise that in the initial years, my goal was to build companies having a yearly sales volume in terms of dollars. In a couple of years, I realised that this is not the right way to develop a very big business. When the dollar value is the motivation, the goals look meaningless.

There is a saying that we should let go of our goals. Instead, focus on what you are doing and be great at it.

I slowly started realising that we are helping the lives of a lot of people. We were giving a happy environment for the employees. I was always focused on creating a friendly working environment. We give a lot of flexibilities in their daily work life. Some of them even conveyed that their family life became better due to a happy working environment. Those were priceless moments for me. Thus we were improving their lives.

We were helping manufacturers to increase their sales. Some of them were very hopeful about our global plans. So one of our new goals became to support more manufacturers. We also started taking up new entrepreneurs and promoting their products through our channels. They always had the challenge of marketing and sales. We were great at that and it adds value to both the parties. Thus we were improving their lives too.

We were appointing distribution partners in different countries and we were good at generating sales for them. So they could grow faster with our help, compared to a conventional business model. Thus they could improve their lives and a few of their employees. This became our new goal.

There were many customers who were taking our assistance and trusting us for quality products and services. We always had a consultant’s mindset in resolving the challenges of customers. This gave us a huge advantage with the customers. So we were improving their lives in terms of selection of the right products and services and solving their business challenges. This became another goal.

In spite of being a relatively young company, we are already improving the lives of thousands of people. This cannot be evaluated in terms of Dollars.

Once you start improving the lives of others, all the means including money will grow. This is not applicable just for entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurs can probably make bigger impacts in multiple areas.


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