Our growth from an electrical shop in Dubai to an International company

I started the company Vacker (www.vackerglobal.com) in 2013, as a small local electrical trader in Dubai. By 2017, we developed customers across the world. And here we are now, opening our offices in the USA, Germany, Kenya and India.

We are now a global trading company with a different business model.

  1. 2013 : Started as a local electrical trader in Dubai for B2B segment
  2. 2015 : Customers in numerous countries obtained through digital marketing
  3. 2016 : Started appointing distribution partners in different countries
  4. 2017 : Started our own offices in a few countries
  5. 2018 : In order to develop tools to handle tens of thousands of products, we started our own software company (www.vacker360.com) with a team for Artificial intelligence and data analytics. Also, started taking up global distribution of manufacturers of technical products.
  6. 2019 : Starting offices in the USA, Europe, India and Africa. Developing a platform for handling manufacturers, customers and distributors.

After a long and successful corporate career, I voluntarily left the job in 2008 with no clear idea about my future. Within the next few years, I lost all my life savings in two business ventures. Then, I started Vacker as an electrical trader in Dubai.

For a number of months, there were no products to sell, no customers, no emails and no incoming phone calls. I started learning all about digital marketing, SEO, SMM etc. The digital marketing companies I engaged couldn’t do a great job because they couldn’t understand our customer needs.
In the following years, I slowly built up a team for digital marketing.

Slowly, we started receiving enquiries from other countries. Initially, the enquiries were from nearby Middle East countries. Gradually with increased efforts on digital marketing, we started generating business in African countries, Europe, USA, Canada etc. All these years we were representing other manufacturers and distributing their products to our customers. Fundamentally it is still a traditional business of selling technical products for B2B segments.

Meanwhile, we started our software company Vacker360 (www.vacker360.com) to develop software for our in-house needs and to develop a few tools with Artificial Intelligence. We now have our in-house team for Artificial Intelligence. We are incorporating all these into a platform to enhance the operations. Our AI tools will be helpful for the customers, distributors, manufacturers and our own technical support team as well.

Now. we are signing up with different manufacturing companies to distribute their products across the Globe. They will focus on the design and development of their products and we will focus on marketing and selling across the world.

Challenges Within The Market And Our Solution

A purchaser in a company has huge challenges in selecting the right products. We try and meet these challenges by filling in the gap through the following ways:

  1. The technology and number of products are increasing so fast that the purchaser is unable to cope up and our AI tools will help them in this process.
  2. The manufacturers struggle with their marketing and sales processes. There are thousands of good manufacturers who struggle to find their markets.

We will be introducing a few offices across the world and we will have distribution partners in other countries.

Applying Big Data Analytics

We grew from one product in 2014 to thousands of products based on data collection through our digital channels. We are expanding on these capabilities so that we can help manufacturers in improving their products.

We use data analytics to improve many aspects of the business including giving feedback to the manufacturers. Our tools will collectively analyze different aspects of the customer requirements and will give feedback to the manufacturers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to pick up thousands of small and medium companies and market their products across the world through our platforms. VackerGlobal is an Engineering company with a Soul.

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