How Spirituality helped my business growth?

It was by the fourth year of my Entrepreneurial journey that I started getting interested in spirituality. The interest mainly started during my attempts to learn meditation. I had already read of many great entrepreneurs who were regular visitors to spiritual Ashrams, especially during their tougher times. But had no clue nor inclination for anything of that sort until 2017. I started my own business ( in 2012-13 and was getting stable by 2017.
By such time I started reading books like Eckhart Tolle’s ‘Power of Now’. But honestly didn’t understand most of it at that point in time. I recently read it once again and got a better grasp.
I first attended a centre teaching Yoga where there were very few sessions of certain spiritual speeches. Slowly I attended many Ashrams in India and Nepal during 2017 & 2018 and plan to visit many more. I am not a follower of any particular Ashram or discipline. In spiritual terms, I am a seeker.

During such visits, I have started noticing improvements in my thought processes which started helping my business life as well. Few of the ways in which Spiritual classes have helped me in the past 2 years can be listed. I do not see these as perfect definitions and results of spirituality. But these are definitely the improvements happened in the past 2 years.

  1. Most importantly, I started looking at the element of serving others through my business. I had been already serving others on a personal level. But during the past two years, I have evolved a lot into seeing my businesses as a platform for serving others. This does not mean at all that the element of profit is not important. I believe that profit is one of the most important aspects of a business.
  2. Life should be a harmonious flow. Everything in the universe is in a harmonious flow except us. I started looking more ways of running the business harmoniously so that my colleagues also can have a better harmony in their daily life. The universe is an eco-system. A business also should be an eco-system at least theoretically. When we have too much struggle in accomplishing something, it means that we are not harmonious. Then we should at least start thinking different ways of achieving the desired results.
  3. I realised that competition is not the way for growth, instead, creativity is. Your success need not be at the cost of others.
  4. I am clearly able to differentiate between materialistic and personal subjects. A business definitely involves materials. However, I am able to disconnect myself from that materialistic world. I am an instrument for developing my businesses. I am not the business.
  5. This also gave me clarity on why I am doing what I am doing. I had many business goals which were great goals to look at. But those goals didn’t have any deep personal connection with me. Now the goals have meanings and hence they are easier for me to feel them and emotionally connect to them.
  6. I got better clarity and control of my decision-making processes. These may be as a result of my regular meditation as well. I have been regularly doing meditation for the past 1 year.  I think it is unable to explain in words. But when I want to take a decision, I can easily analyse different aspects of the particular subject.
  7. I am able to disconnect my ego from other daily affairs, decision-making processes etc.
  8. My anger is very much at control. Even when someone gets angry at me, I am able to think in his shoes, instead of reciprocating in the same manner.
  9. I have become more empathetic and non-judgemental. As I have grown slightly above the normal thinking process, I am able to understand other people, especially my teammates in a better manner.

So overall, I am happy that I am becoming a better human being. As I become a better human being, I will become more useful human being. I have a yearly plan of visiting at least 3 different spiritual centres per year. I recommend that along with a mentor, coach etc, an entrepreneur also should have a spiritual coach.

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