‘Follow your passion’ is not a great advice

I have a passion for traveling. But I am not interested in discovering a new country or continent.Do I want to travel on a daily basis? Absolutely not. Travel is a form of relaxation for me.
The common argument in such a case is that you can build a business related to travel. But running a business is a huge challenge if you want to make a decent income. It has a lot of other functions which you may not like. So again you will be in a catch 22 situation of struggling between your passion and running the business. Even while traveling you will be struggling to manage your travel business.
Of course, this is possible, but you need to be determined to take all the unrelated, huge, unpredictable challenges and sacrifices for building the business.

People advise following your passion and that one-day money will come. So you will miss most of the enjoyment until that day comes. If you are lucky enough, probably you’ll end up enjoying 10-15% of your life. Instead, if you decide to abandon your passion until you make some money, still you will enjoy 10-20% of your life, most probably after your retirement. In both the cases, you will be towards last quarter of your life. So both are not the best scenarios.
At the end of my life, do I want to be known as a great traveler of all times? Not at all. Do I want to be a full-time traveler for my family? Not at all.

I do not completely agree with the commonly heard advice to follow your passion. My primary reason is that there are a lot of things you like to do on a regular/periodic basis other than your so-called passion. You don’t have to miss all of them while running behind passion.
A common question to identify your passion is that what you’ll do if you have all the money in the world? I don’t think this question also is great. Until few years ago, I would have said that I would travel all the time. But now I know that I will be bored very soon.

If you blindly follow the advice to follow your passion, you will be missing lot of other interesting things which you like very much. In my view, you should have the freedom to enjoy your passion.

Many people completely ignore or abandon their passion due to the pressure of life and work. They hope that one day they will be free from the pressure of life and work and they can carry out their passion. I am completely against such a thought process.

And for most of the people, they do not really understand what their passion is. Suppose you think traveling is your passion, you may also like doing many other things which are not related to travel. If you blindly follow your passion, you might be broke for the most part of your life. That also will not be a fruitful life.

Even if I have all resources to do whatever I want, I will not be traveling on a daily basis.I like to work on my business for one month and then travel for 5-7 days. It gives me great relaxation. I would like to repeat this cycle continuously.

For generating income, you should do something that you like doing and which gives you satisfaction. The primary idea is that if you are working on a job, which you hate on a daily basis, that is a terrible life.
Maybe you like the challenge of writing a new computer program. So if you are in a job which gives you regular challenge and the satisfaction of creating a computer program, that gives you a stable life. At the same time if you have a passion for writing and if you are able to write few pages per week, you can have a more balanced job. However, if the same job is highly stressful with tight deadlines and with no proper relaxation, it may not be a job which gives you satisfaction.
You have to look for a life balance in which enough time is allocated to your passion. This will give you a balanced, satisfied life.

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