Be content, but not satisfied

We need to be content and be grateful for what we have, but continue dreaming bigger.

Being content and grateful doesn’t mean that you should be just living with what you have and God might give you something better.
What happens with most of us is that we are looking forward to the next happiness. This is what exactly happened to me until recently.
I had a great career growth but always had an empty feeling inside. Upon receiving a pay rise, a promotion or a new job, the emptiness may subside for a couple of weeks. But it’ll return soon after. I couldn’t find the reasons for the empty feelings and the inner conflict.
I always thought that the next pay raise or the next designation will make me happy. But the happiness always eluded me. When I decided to leave corporate jobs after 20 years of great growth, I was not sure the exact reasons. But I was feeling an emptiness and had a feeling that a corporate job would not give me any further happiness.

I finally started becoming a bit happy during one of my most troubled times – when I started my company. I had my happiness connected to having the freedom to travel, providing a happiness to people through employment in my company, building my own company, implementing my knowledge in useful manners etc. Even though financially I was going through my toughest times in my life, I had more inner peace than I ever had.
In one of my previous corporate jobs, I was well paid but had to treat my subordinates unfairly as per regular instructions from my superiors. This was causing me tremendous inner conflict and probably self-contempt. I realized this later when I started my own company and started considering all my colleagues as equal human beings. Now I know that as I provide more equality to more people in my companies, I’ll have more happiness.

So don’t connect your happiness with the next thing that you want, whether it be money, car, recognition etc. There’s nothing wrong with having those and I do enjoy such things too. But within a couple of weeks of receiving it, you’ll be looking for the next happiness if you link your happiness with them. But look for what gives you constant happiness, not for a couple of weeks.

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