What I learnt with Robin Sharma from Titansummit

I was finally lucky to attend the grand event Titansummit 2017 by Robin Sharma. I’ve been reading and following Robin Sharma for atleast past 5-6 years and it was always a dream to attend the yearly grand event TitanSummit. The four days of leadership sessions were awesome and life-changing. I had few major takeaways from those sessions.

1. Robin Sharma – You are already a leader. You don’t need to have hundreds of followers before you start feeling like a leader. Think, Act and Behave all the time as if you are a leader even when you don’t have any follower. Soon you’ll have followers. Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela didn’t have any followers when they started thinking like a leader.

2. Dr. Gregg Wells – Your performance depends on your food, rest and sleep as well. I have been following a diet as recommended by him. But he scientifically explained about the ideal sleep pattern to follow.

3. Nando Parrado – He survived in the mountains for more than 2 months, which shows the power of human mind. The human mind is capable of doing anything that it believes. Also, they were living in the now and not in the future. It is a chilling story indeed.

4. Scott Stratten – The leader has to take a stand. The followers (and employees) are looking what is the stand being taken by the leader. They have to feel that the leader always has a firm stand.

5. Ben Zander – All of us have to be possibilitarians to lead a fruitful life. We limit our possibilities by our own assumptions of our limitations. Every struggle opens up many other possibilities.
And his energy is amazing and inspirational at this age of 78.

6. Marianne Williamson – Love everyone and bless everyone, even your customers, suppliers, employees.

7. Jason Silva – Technology is growing exponentially. Hence WE as an individual and a company has to think exponentially, not linearly. In earlier days, it was enough for a company to think 5 years ahead. How my industry will look like in 5 years was enough. But nowadays it is no more relevant. You have to think how your industry will look like in 10 years, 20 years or 30 years.

8.Dr. James Rouse – He is a naturopathy doctor, yoga, and meditation expert. He emphasized the importance of a great diet, rest and also meditation. I have been practicing meditation and have started seeing the benefits.

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