My 2.5 days of solitude, electronically isolated

This week I went on a solo stay at a remote resort, completely disconnected from the world including my office and family. I did not use any of my mobiles, laptops, TV etc. So, of course, I did not use any social media and not even newspapers.
The telephone number of the hotel was given to my wife, to contact in case of ‘extreme emergency’. The extreme emergency was defined as medical emergencies of any of my family members at home or office. Nothing else was an emergency.
Even though I regularly go on solitude trips, this is the first time I was completely disconnected.
I started my preparation for the trip 2-3 days ago by changing my diet, exercises, meditation and sleep. I was on a very healthy diet because I wanted my brain to be at its peak during these 3 days. So I didn’t eat any non-veg, drank a lot of water, ate mostly uncooked food and salads etc. I continued the same practice during the stay as well. Also, I slept well without any time schedule. Enough of rest is important for the brain to be at its peak.
The seaside resort was awesome. My sea facing room was beautiful. On the day of check-in, I did a couple of massages, which boosts my energy level. By next day I was at my peak. Awesome feeling.
For the next 2 days, I reviewed a lot of things about my business and personal life. Made plans for future. I had enough of material with me including an A3 coloring book, a lot of color pencils etc.
I drew a lot of mind maps with lots of color pencils. I was amazed that a lot of thoughts & ideas which were within me for past couple of years suddenly came up at the right moment. I got new perspectives on certain aspects. I got answers to few questions which were lingering in my mind for quite some time.
The fact that I was completely disconnected also helped me in avoiding any kind of distractions.
Overall it was a great experience and I have decided to have such an isolation every month.

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