I am massively abnormal and expect massive abnormal results

Entrepreneurs are different and deviate from the normal. In that sense, I am proudly abnormal. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have left a plush corporate job at the age of 40.

I lost all my life savings in a couple of my initial failed attempts on business. I think I was extremely abnormal when I started a global company after losing all the money.

When the future was bleak, I started a company and named it as VackerGlobal.

Entrepreneurs can’t trust all the logic, logical sequence of events etc. Nothing will work as per those. Since they aren’t normal, they don’t expect normal results as well. The normal result is a safe and logical result. You can reasonably expect the results based on your experience, similar past situations etc. But the abnormal result is either a huge failure or a success. I was fully aware of this all the time. But failure was not a choice since life was already at stake.

After losing all the money, I had normal choices in front of me. I had a couple of great job offers, which any normal person will accept at that time. Two of those offers were from multinational companies. With no job and already in debt and a family to support, that was the absolute normal path. So, I had both the extreme normal option and extreme abnormal option.

I didn’t have any money, any products to sell, any suppliers, any customers, any great supporters, not even a website. There were no enquiries and the phone never rang.

But I selected the abnormal path. I rejected those offers. I deactivated my LinkedIn profile because I didn’t want any more job offers. I had to disconnect a lot of normal people from my life. I love them but they had a lot of normal advice, which was pulling me down. So, I had to consciously keep distance. They will never be able to understand my abnormal behaviour.

A couple of years later, I am glad that I was and continue to be abnormal. In the last couple of years, we grew to a couple of countries. We have thousands of customers around the world.

My suggestion to entrepreneurs is that be fully aware that you are abnormal compared to everyone around us. The normal people who have never built a company will give you lot of advice. That advice is full of logic. Find out mentors or other people who have already walked the path. They are also abnormal and hence will understand you.

Be abnormal and build a better world.

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