On the job learning is different from learning for growth

You might be a hard worker and learning lot of things in your job. You might be feeling that you are learning a lot of things. But there is no measure of your learning and this is is not real learning for growth.
Learning for growth is totally different. This mean you set aside a small amount of time, even if it is 30 minutes a day. You will decide a subject of your interest in your career. And take a course on this subject. Or just read articles on this subject every day,at least for 30 minutes. This is focused learning for growth.
Don’t be under the blind belief that learning new things in your job will keep you growing. It is rarely the case. First of all, there are limitations on the challenges you face on your daily routine job.
If you are an accountant and if your long term goals are only in accounting there are a lot of related courses. There are a lot of small duration online courses under $20.00. Few examples are how to correlate company accounting practices into banking accounting practices, how to think like a CFO, how to decide most important ratios of your company from your daily accounts etc. Instead, if you do only your daily accounting you are not going to learn anything new.It can be anything like learning a language, improving the keyboard typing skills etc. In fact, my typing skills helped me build the company. It was only because of my typing speed that I could write and post around 500 pages of content for our website, generating a huge number of enquiries. I have felt many times that without my typing skills, we would not have become what we are today. When I was running the company alone, I had no one with me to assist with content writing. Even if I have ideas for the blogs, if I cannot type with ease, I was never going to make those posts. Especially I was extremely busy those days and simply didn’t have lot of time to type the contents. So really my typing speed built this company.Even it is not necessary to spend dollars. There are free materials and blog posts available on any subjects.
So learn for growth. Someday it will be useful. Be ready for the opportunity when it comes.

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