Hardships will bring you more ideas; Embrace hardship instead of comfort

You start your business embracing hardship. You know that there will be lot of struggles and if  you are determined, you will succeed.

You struggle hard and in the process get lots of ideas. You automatically become creative to find out more ideas. Through lot of struggles, you develop the business.

Keep looking for hardships, really

As the business grows, you start becoming comfortable. And you have a genuine excuse that you have struggled a lot and now is the time for comfort. So slowly you embrace comfort instead of hardship. So gradually your ideas stop. You have more and more team members to take care of the business. You generate some money and start becoming comfortable and probably lethargic.
You fall into a routine and your growth stops and slowly becomes negative growth.
So keep embracing hardships and never embrace comfort.

If you feel that you are falling into the trap of comfort, wake up and find out some hardship by undertaking bigger challenges.

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