Learn to become an Encyclopedia, but never feel like one

Learn, Learn, Learn
For becoming a successful entrepreneur, you have to be a lifelong learner. Be an aspiring learner throughout your life.

  1. Learn about your area of business. Learn all related areas.
  2. Learn about local laws, so that you have a reasonable idea of operating your business legally.
  3. Learn finance so that you will understand the figures of your business. You will better understand what your accountant says
  4. Learn Online Marketing, SEO etc. This is a must and equally or more important than all the others.
  5. Learn a music instrument so that you can play once in a while to relax yourself.
  6. Learn swimming if you don’t know already. Maybe one day you’ll swim across Panama
  7. Learn skydiving, so that most of your fears will be gone.
  8. Learn about great people by reading their biographies.
  9. Learn about leadership, so that you’ll one day will be able to lead your people effectively.
When you learn lot of things, you will become knowledgeable and valuable. But never feel that you have learned enough. From that moment onwards your downfall starts. Be conscious of your feelings. Whenever you feel like you have gained some knowledge, start learning something new. That will keep you humble as well.
I learned typing on an old fashioned typewriter professionally, to achieve a speed of 60 words per minute. This immensely helped my computer speed. I can comfortably type without looking at the keyboard.
Being an engineer, I was allergic to accountancy. So I started learning Chartered accountancy  in my mid-career and did not understand most of it. Even though I am not certified, I became knowledgeable and helped me when I started my own business.
In my mid-thirties I started learning swimming and became an athletic level swimmer.
I started learning musical keyboard in my mid-forties. Now I have a long way to go before I become a professional. Thereafter I plan to learn guitar.
Two years ago I started learning Online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, developing a website, Google Adwords etc. This was tremendous learning, albeit difficult initially.
Your learning will never be wasted, whatsoever. You become more and more valuable
You will never become an Encyclopedia. But keep striving towards it. You’ll become more valuable. If you ever feel that you have become an Encyclopedia, simply open a real Encyclopedia. Then you’ll understand that you haven’t learned anything.
Keep learning.

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