All employees are one of these 3 categories. Which one are you?

Whether you are a Manager or a business owner, you might be struggling to evaluate your employees and it is of course essential for the growth of your company. I try to use a simple categorization method for decisions especially like increment, promotions, terminations etc.
This categorization is mainly based on their attitude and not skills. I personally believe that attitude is more important than skills because attitude cannot be taught whereas skills can be taught.Even if you are an employee at a very low level, you can evaluate yourself to find out where do you stand.

So here are the three categories with explanations:

Sl. No Type Description Comments
Category 1 6 in 8 employee He achieves 6 hours (or less) of work results in 8 duty hours. This employee tries just to complete 8 work hours and in the process will achieve only equivalent of 6 hours of work, or less. This employee does not have the right attitude nor any ambition. The job is a pain for him and he hates this job or probably any jobs Company may not want him at all
Category 2 8 in 8 employee He achieves 8 hours of work results in 8 duty hours. This employee is reasonably sincere and tries to do everything assigned to him to finish in 8 hours. So he will achieve work equivalent to 8 hours in 8 duty hours. He is a comfortable type of person who just wants to justify the salary. However he does not have a serious ambitions and are not looking for great opportunities. He may even shy away from bigger responsibilities. This guy likes the job (does not love the job) mainly as a means of lively hood Companies will retain them just paying the minimum salary
Category 3 10 in 8 employee He achieves 10 hours (or more) of work results in 8 duty hours. These guys are super productive and ambitious. They try to achieve more than 10 hours of work results in 8 duty hours. For them the achievements give more pleasure than the time spent on it. A company will like to keep them and company cannot ignore them at all. Hence they will be highly eligible for promotions, increments etc in a timely manner. This guy loves the job and enjoy what they are doing. Companies love such employees and will not ignore for promotions & perks

The category 3 of employee is invaluable to the company and the company will try to keep these employees. Giving them timely promotions and benefits will be beneficial for the company. Category 2 of employees are valuable, but is not a big loss to the company even if they leave. Category 1 employees are not desirable and the company will be happy if they leave.
A category 3 employee may become category 2 if he is demoralized. Even if he is demoralized he will not like to become category 1, but may leave the job.
Never try to improve the attitude of Category 1 people, since you’ll be simply wasting your time.

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