Be restless until rested

You have to be restless until you achieve your dreams. This does not mean that you have to take rest after achieving few dreams. Be restless to create new dreams as well.

Are you not in the right job? Be restless until you find out your dream job

Are you not in good shape? Be restless until you achieve the best shape in the world

Bedridden with chronic illness? Be restless in mind about the things to complete as soon as you get out of bed.

Want to have $1 Million? Be restless until you get it

Want to have a world class business? Be restless in mind and actions until you achieve it.

Think you have achieved all you wanted? Be restless to pass on the knowledge to as many as possible.

Diagnosed with a life threatening disease? Be restless to defeat it keeping your life goals in mind.

Fired from your job because you are restless? Be restless to pursue your own dreams

Feel uncomfortable about your restlessness? Read a book.

Feeling restless while reading a book? Go for a drive,  go out with family, spend time with children..

All great people of the world were restless.

Have a great restless life!!!

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