Are you looking at the Clock frequently? You are probably in a wrong job and career

A job that you do on a daily basis, 5 days a week, week after week should never be a chore. As an employee if you are looking at the clock randomly to close the day, you are in a wrong job and most probably in a wrong career path.

If you are doing the work that you enjoy, you will be worried about lack of time rather than plenty of time.
You shouldn’t be just filling the time in your job. People who just want to spend 8 hours per day in an office are just filling the time.They are not valuable for their company and they are not fulfilling their life.
An employee is given a job function and he/she should fill the position and exceed the position which makes him valuable to himself and to the company.

When the subject is concerned regarding an entrepreneur, he follows his passion and he is supposed to indulge in his work and is not generally trying to fill his time. He will be actively indulged in his activities.
An employee who consistently exceed his job profile and he thinks that his company cannot contain him, he becomes an entrepreneur.
So review yourself whether you are trying to fill your time or trying to fill/exceed the position assigned to you.
So Identify your passion and go ahead

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