Use technology to your advantage; Work Smart not Hard

Do you know what is SEO, SMM, CPC etc..
I didn’t know until recently. But now these are our greatest marketing tools.

Now the world has so much advanced in terms of technology, so don’t stick to the conventional methods alone. Especially if you are in the middle age group, chances are high that you might be averse to technology.
Of course we have to work hard to build a business. But more important is to work smart.
For example making a short you tube video on your product will save lot of money and energy. Eg. Before visiting a customer you can send a link of your youtube video related to your product. This way customer can briefly understand whether your product meets his requirements. A visit thereafter will be more fruitful.
You can make a presentation on your company and post on your website. A visitor can understand all about all your products and services from this video.
Animations, Social Media, Listing on free directories etc. all are important. You should be around the web in as many ways as possible.

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