Selecting Employees; Look mainly at their Attitude, not skills

Getting the right employees is the most important and difficult task for an Entrepreneur. Keeping them with you is the next.
In my opinion, you should give more importance to the attitude of the candidate than the experience and skills of the employee. Looks for some minimum experience and skills. The CV is not much important most of the times since most of the content will be superficial. I look mainly for the age, education level, total years of experience, no. of companies changed in those years, what is his main interest of job function etc.

Once again attitude is most important because you cannot train anyone for attitude. You can train for skills. But if he/she does not have the right attitude, skills will work against the organisation in the course of the time.
By the time you meet him for the first time, he has already formed his attitude through his minimum  25 years of life. You cannot change his attitude unless he realizes his flaws and take constant efforts.
Skills can be taught in couple of weeks to months.

So the next question is how to evaluate attitude. I am also still searching for a complete answer and each new employee is a new experience for me. But basically the candidate has to match your wavelength. This can only be evaluated by spending time with him formally and informally and discussing as many things as possible and evaluate whether he has a wavelength which can match to that one of your closest friends.Can he become your close friend by means of his wavelength?
Also check through his previous colleagues.

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