Start with the end in Mind

It is very important that you envision what your company will be in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years etc. This will help you focus on your vision and your tasks will be aligned with this vision.
You can imagine or preferably write down every aspect of those mental pictures. eg. you can write down what your company will be in 3 years. You can write down minute details like how many employees, which countries to operate, size of your office space, your specialized area of operations, your personal role at that point of time, your organisation structure etc. You can always review and change these details. But the necessity is that you should have such a clear view of where you want to be at specific point of times in future.
When you have such a vision you can always review and align your tasks in line with those visions. If you have such a vision you are sure to achieve it. If you don’t have such a vision you will not know where you are going. You will be guided by your daily tasks and even after three years you will be running behind those daily tasks.
You need to review these vision at regular intervals, but not longer than once a month. It is most likely that you will feel that you are never going to achieve those goals and you will feel like laughing at yourself. Don’t worry. It is part of the process. At least you can enjoy envisioning those plans and in the course of time you are sure to achieve it.

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