Start Frugal. You will be more creative

There is a misconception that you will need lot of money to start a business on your own. This is true especially if you are an employee of a large company, you have been accustomed to the ways of life in an established company and you are in a mindset that this is the only way to run a company.

This is absolutely not right. In my experience if we don’t have money, we can be more creative in generating more ideas on everything from saving paper to cheaper advertisements and so on.

For each of our regular activities you can find out 2-3 alternative routes saving more money. But the problem is when he have sufficient money, we don’t think of alternatives.

I have been working in Multinational Companies where everything is taken for granted.Then I had to un-learn all those practices when I started on my own. But that was a great learning experience.
So Start frugal, Be Frugal and you will get lot of ideas and it will become a habit. So even when your business generates sufficient money, you will not run short of ideas.

As an example, our website was completely made just for US$ 2.00 including registration charges and we are appearing on the first pages of search results without involving any SEO companies.

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