The First & Simplest Step – Spend time mostly with Positive People – at least 3 of them

Of course most of us like to spend time with lot of friends and family members. However in order to be successful and to have a positive mind setup it is important that we associate with Positive people. If you spend most of your time with at least 3-5 positive people (preferably at least one of them a Millionaire), your success is guaranteed. It is no doubt that it is just a matter of time before you become successful.
There is no great miracle around this fact. When you start spending time with positive people you will also start thinking positively and will give you more and more ideas.
Your negative thoughts will vanish slowly. With great efforts you might have built up lot of negative feelings about your lack of money, your circumstances, your lack of capital, your lack of high education, lack of skills, lack of personality etc. All these negative feelings will vanish within couple of months at the most.

You don’t have to contribute great thoughts to them. Even if you just listen and watch them, it is sufficient. Within couple of weeks you will also dare to think like them.

Your character is formed by your closest friends. Anyone can evaluate your character by looking at the character of your close friends (These are quotes by a Great Personality, but I am unable to recall the name)

If we think about it, it is very obvious. If we spend time with negative people, we also become negative. Our strongest feelings will be why we cannot be successful, why we cannot be rich, why we cannot be great etc.

So if you don’t have any idea when and where to start with, just find out couple of positive people ans spend more and more time with them. If one of them is a Millionaire, you will start realizing that making a Million is not difficult. Planting the idea inside your mind is most difficult.

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