Start ‘achieving’ Failures. Then Celebrate your Failures. That is the path to success.

Obviously it doesn’t seem sensible and that is not something anyone of us likes to do.
So before achieving Success, start ‘achieving’ failures.List out those failures and in the course of time you will never need to make a list of Successes. Each failure will give you small amount of confidence and slowly number of ‘achievements’ in failure will naturally come down.

Celebrate Failure more than Success
I encourage you to celebrate failures. If you want to succeed, first thing you have to start doing is attempt small things and fail at it. ‘Achieve’ Failure. Then celebrate those failures. So you will start enjoying failures. I maintain a list of failures and I celebrate the failures. I celebrate upon making 3 small failures or one big failure. I celebrate and reward myself either with a dining out,a new dress, an ice cream etc. Also I write a note of appreciation to myself (Sometimes a smiley) on my diary on every such failure.
You have to constantly review these list and then you will start enjoying failures and when you look at it after couple of months, you will feel proud of those failures.

Initially I was hesitant to tell others about my failures, but I was secretly rewarding myself on those failures. But I think that is natural with everyone, because we are so accustomed to celebrating only success.
But all of us are afraid of failures and we do not attempt anything which are of uncertain results. Then how can we ‘achieve’ failure.
Everyone says that for achieving success, start with baby steps. Similarly, for ‘achieving’ failure also start with baby steps. eg. Drive  through an unknown highway (of course without GPS navigation) and get lost. Get so really lost for at least half an hour that you will have to seek assistance of other drivers to find your way and reach back home. When you reach home safely you can celebrate your failure and a small success in taking this small risk, failing at it and succeeding subsequently.


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