If you are afraid of height, do a Skydive

That is what exactly I did. 
Do that action which you are most afraid of. After that you will not be afraid of anything. In our mind, negative thoughts form into worries which gradually become fear. By the time we are 40, we are afraid of losing job, losing regular income, losing social status, losing the car etc. You have to be mentally prepared that all these may happen. If you are fully prepared mentally for these eventualities and are not worried, most often it will not happen. So prepare mentally and nothing that you worried for so many years will become true.

Even though this is not an exact simile, what I meant is exactly the same. Do what you fear the most, thereafter everything will be simple.So start with small actions such as these and as you go along you will get more and more confident. Start defying your small fears and conquer. Attack your fear straight away. If you are afraid of losing the route to a certain destination in your city, just take another route so far not traveled by you. After probably losing some more routes, you will finally find your destination and you will have a feeling of achievement. If for such a trivial matter, you feel proud of yourself, think of your greater achievements.

An Entrepreneur need to take lot of risks. By the age of 40, people become averse to risks. But all that can be changed by starting with small risks. Start by taking small daily risks.
I did a Skydive and before the jump it can be clearly seen in this video that I was very very afraid. Also it can be seen that once out of the plane I enjoyed very much

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