Don’t recruit your relatives as your first employees

I will tell this thousands of times. For our first businesses, we are tempted to take relatives as our employees. Oh that is a pain.We will assume that they will be more sincere and helpful than a new employee. In normal life situations that is true, but not for your start up business. I have to admit that it is a mistake everyone makes and I did too. In my opinion, you shouldn’t employ relatives at all. Other employees will come to know about your relation and your relative will always be one step above them. Your relative is never at par with other employees. You cannot ignore your relative because you may not want disturb your relation. So you will end up with one happy relative and lot of unhappy colleagues. Ultimately your relationship will fail because you may not be able to meet his unjustified demands. So you will end up with an unhappy relative and scores of unhappy colleagues. If you recruit one relative, slowly you will be forced to give employment to more and more as you grow.

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