Identify your passion

Prior to starting your business ambitions, you have to identify your passion. It is an activity which you enjoy the most. It is that activity which you will be doing with enthusiasm and full dedication if you have plenty of money in your bank account. It will be that activity which when indulged in makes you forget about your environment and time.
So identify that passion and work out a business idea around that passion.
Eg. My passion was solving new engineering challenges for customers.
Money is never a passion. If money is the passion, you will run out of passion when money is in short. Money is the result. Eg. If the process of painting a picture is your passion, the finished picture is the result. The finished picture and money are not passion.

You will never run out of your passion. Certain times you may not indulge in your passion, but the passion lies within you.
Don’t come up with passions like online chatting, eating, drinking etc. unless you can build viable business products around same. 

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